CNBC’s Jane Wells Shares her own Bad Pitch Friday!

Lindsay Lohan: The “Real” Business Angle For CNBC – Funny Business with Jane Wells –

Lindsay Lohan
Note to PR people: please actually WATCH our network and understand what CNBC does before sending pitches. Here’s a shortened list of press releases sent my way in the last 24 hours:

‘Draumr Publishing, an independent U.S. press, has finally released ‘Moon Child,’ the tantalizing new novel by first time Canadian author Simone Maroney, to the North American public. The book is a rollicking good ride, complete with adventure, betrayal and harrowing escapes from dire circumstances.’

‘NeoMed Software Introduces ‘EpiTrax Live’–New online demonstrations allow physicians and prospective users of EpiTrax to learn more about electronic seizure tracking’

‘Jewish Federation observes first anniversary of Seattle shooting’

Yes, let’s find stock angles on tragedy, seizure tracking, and a book that’s a ‘rollicking good ride.’ And then there’s Lindsay Lohan.

We received this offer to comment on the poor girl.

‘In light of the latest troubling episode in Lindsay Lohan’s life, please remember Dr. Susan Bartell as an expert who can comment. Dr. Bartell is a psychologi”


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