Facebook vs. LinkedIn

I’ve been using LinkedIn for almost two years now, I think I started in October 2005, and have just over the last few months started trying out FaceBook as well. Jeff Pulver recently wrote that, “In LinkedIn, everything centers around establishing a connection. In Facebook, connecting is just the beginning. Facebook is all about community. And this can been seen by doing things like leaving messages on users’ walls, joining groups and having discussions, as well as some of the more social applications built for Facebook.”

I completely agree. It’s a different type of interaction. For example, today I received a request through LinkedIn to see if I knew anyone who might be interested in specific job opening, but on FaceBook, the level of detail you see is magnitudes more amplified.

That being said, I am still a huge believer in LinkedIn, and it acts as kind of a ‘tickle file’ to remind me to stay in touch with some people. But as a tool to really stay close to people, I’m now a huge believer in FaceBook.

I’m not going as far as Jeff and abandoning LinkedIn, but more and more of my social networking will now be done on FaceBook so check me out over there.


3 thoughts on “Facebook vs. LinkedIn

  1. I browse through face book profiles and all I see are kids…nothing else but kids. Class of 2006. Class of 2007. Class of 2008. That’s all I see, I must have looked through 100 profiles. Not one working professional is site. If face book is community that’s fine but it is for college kids because professionals do not “write on walls”. Linked in is a static directory of resumes and I can’t even contact anyone without with giving a credit card. This is useful? I’m not trying to be negative but these sites are for professionals? I find Congoo.com, Yahoo finance and word press much more useful. They actually have real professionals using them. My critical observations after peeling off the layer of hype. Think about it!

  2. “Ray” if that is your name. If you are going to bring comment spam at least bring it real. That was weak. Come correct or don’t come at all.

  3. i agree with ray – facebook is for the young urbanites that live their lives online and chronicle their every move such as first date, kiss and first dorm room, not the folks that want a resource to stay in touch with their professional connections. facebook’s audience is largely 20-somethings (verified by comscore in 06 and again in 07, with a small albeit barely recognizable jump among the 35+ crowd — http://www.techcrunch.com/2007/07/06/facebook-users-up-89-over-last-year-demographic-shift/). i’m not too keen on spending time in a community that also has a large share of users 12-17 years of age. i did that already and don’t want to revisit high school. it’s a great marketing tool and their business model off the chart, but not something i am putting much of my time into.

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