Think Eric Schmidt did this lightly….um no

Sun Valley: Late Night With Eric Schmidt – Mergers, Acquisitions, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds — DealBook – New York Times:

“Late in the evening, Eric Schmidt, chief executive of Google, came down looking for Sergey Brin, who had left for the evening. He walked out onto the patio and surveyed all the corporate might arrayed before him — and then chose to plop down with a group of workaday reporters and photographers. It was the journalistic equivalent of DefCon4.”

Some things scare the heck out of PR folks, somewhere near the top of the list is a CEO of a $170b company heads down to a bar and sits down with a table full of reporters (don’t get me started on what posting anonymously to Yahoo Finance message boards about your company and its competitors does) . It’s not a question of whether Eric Schmidt can take care of himself and know what he should or shouldn’t say, it’s that the nature of discussions in a bar can change the perception of what it’s OK to say to someone, reporters, co-workers etc.

My advice, be aware of your environment, and take appropriate action (such as going to another bar!).


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