Michael Moore reminds us that every email is public!

I’ve written several times that anything that you write down and send via email you should be prepared to see on the front page of the LA Times. This isn’t in the LA Times, it’s the front page of Digg with the breathless headline, “Insurance company memo lays out strategy to fight Michael Moore’s ‘Sicko’.” Actually if you read the whole document, it’s four pages long (homeboy needs to learn about brevity) three of the pages are a synopsis of the film. The only response portion is a few ‘talking points’ at the end. This is a non-issue. If a company, an industry anything is going to be impacted by an external event, you have someone see it and provide some context for employees.

This is a case of providing an opportunity for someone to make an issue out of a non-issue. Don’t let that happen.

PS – If the CEO of the Blue Cross affiliate is looking for a way to respond to Michael Moore’s request for a debate. I recommend he takes a look at Fred Thompson’s response to the same question.


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