Thoof and MDPR

We have a new client at Morgan/Dorado! We’re now working with Thoof, the latest idea from Ian Clarke. Think of Thoof like an intelligent Digg. With Thoof, users submit stories and an algorithm learns what you are interested in and presents you with stories that you will most likely find interesting. The more you read and participate the more accurately stories can be presented to you. Users can also ‘fix’ stories that are posted that may be inaccurate by suggesting ‘improvements’ which will then be evaluated and may be added to the original post.

I worked with Ian when he was with Revver (where he was one of the founders) and they were my client at Edelman. It’s great to be working with Ian again!


Wait…something positive about airline communication

Can Coach Flying Be Anything But…?:

“Another flight, and another few minutes of pondering whether a coach airline experience will ever be anything but varying degrees of toxicity on the brand experience scale.”

The quote above is from David Kiley of BusinessWeek, but I actually have something positive to say about an airline which came to me from my father who has never said anything positive about airlines in his life (for perspective he abandoned a scheduled week long trip to Europe when his layover in Cleveland was delayed and they wouldn’t tell him how long the delay would be). My father and his wife were going to drive to our house yesterday (they live about two hours away) have dinner at out house and then take a red eye on JetBlue to JFK then drive up to Vermont to stay with some friends on North Hero Island. On their way out the door, they received a call from JetBlue letting them know that due to sever thunderstorms in the northeast, their flight had been cancelled and they were on the flight leaving at the same time today and was this OK? The JetBLue person then managed to get them on a connecting flight to Burlington as a compensation for being delayed by a day. They fly out tonight, happy they didn’t learn all this when they got to the airport or after sitting on the runway for eight hours. Well done JetBlue!

Putting PR people on notice

Kimchi Mamas: Putting PR people on notice:

“And I said, ‘Tell me you looked up my stats on Alexa. Tell me you picked me because you *think* I may be influential. Tell me that you know mombloggers get pitched to all the time but that you’d *pretty please* like me to listen to you. Just don’t bullshit me by telling me ‘you read my blog.’ I know you don’t.'”

Should we beg like she asks? I think it’s part of our job. It’s what we do. Advertisers buy space. We beg for it.

the egalitarianism of Google

Earlier today in my post about PR in Forbes, there was a ticker symbol for I did a random check of my site traffic and there were lots of hits coming from Google Finance. The image above tells why. This is from the page on Google Finance. My humble blog post was aggregated with those from Jim Cramer and Kevin Kelly. Ahhh, the flattening of the communications world is here.