Damn…they’re good – Apple PR does it again

The iPhone reviews are starting to come out. Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch has a round-up of them here.

While I was at Apple we did some amazing work, but this is incredible.

Reviews all hit today from the biggest names in tech journalism. The ones so far are:
Walt Mossberg of the WSJ,
David Pogue of The NY Times,
Ed Baig at USA Today, and
Steven Levy of Newsweek.

Any one of these would be an unbelievable review for another company. But to Apple it’s just another day at the office.

Congratulations to Katie, Nat, Steve and the rest of the team at Apple on another incredible job!


3 thoughts on “Damn…they’re good – Apple PR does it again

  1. it’s not to hard to score a review when the brand sells itself. skills or not, it’s frickin iphone. who wouldn’t write about it – and who has to say more than “calling about iphone” to keep the journo on the line. i am more impressed by bigger hurdles.

  2. They were doing it when the product wasn’t the iPhone. All of these folks didn’t just start covering Apple when the iPhone was announced.

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