Because it’s Friday….

Yes, this place is real and I want to go there!

Found it on Luxury Link, and it’s described as:
“Just a half hour outside Siena, the ancient Castello di Velona in Montalcino, Tuscany enjoys a superb hilltop perch overlooking the Val D’Orcia. This 10th century edifice mesmerizes discerning travelers with its hand-hewn oak ceiling beams and beautiful stone walls with hand-painted trompe l’oeil Greco-Roman borders. Each of the guest rooms and suites at this beautifully restored Small Luxury Hotels of the World affiliate features sweeping views of the evocative Tuscan countryside.”

This came to mind last night when I was at a reception for SARTA and found myself between two people who recently returned from trips to Tuscany. I’ve never been, but it’s definitely on the list. And if keep looking at vacation porn like they have up at Luxury Link, I’m going to do it soon.

PS – No Luxury Link is not a client, but I do know their new CEO.


3 thoughts on “Because it’s Friday….

  1. I’m not sure if 20 guest rooms is enough…

    I was in that region last spring and it was incredible. The small towns and their histories really blows your mind. If you go, be sure to set aside a couple weeks!

    Good luck with the heating bills on that place!

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