Links from 6/21 SPRA Presentation

This afternoon I spoke with the Sacramento Public Relations Association (SPRA) about social media and how it related to PR etc. There was a great turnout. The room was full, I think about 80 people.

Thanks to Kate Taylor and Andy Larson for setting it up, and to Cheryl Brown for the wonderful introduction.

During my presentation, I referenced several sites and pulled information from multiple sources. Here’s where I found some of the information and some of the sites I referenced:

– The Bad Pitch Blog –– Timeline for the 30 Minutes News Cycle – Kami Huyse’s Communication Overtones
Escape Technology Blog – local technology company uses blog to engage with customers
VSP Blog – local CEO blog from largest eye health company
37 SignalsProduct blog
GM Fastlane Blog
Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz’s blog
Marshall Kirkpatrick’s thoughts on contributing to WikiPedia
– RSS Feed readers/tools etc. Blog Lines, Google Reader, BlogPulse


5 thoughts on “Links from 6/21 SPRA Presentation

  1. Thanks Josh! That’s some company to be in! Glad it sounds like your presentation went so well. You might enjoy this somewhat related post I found today – – it’s about new marketing for youth audiences. it’s a bit marketing schmarmy, but deep down it’s remarkably good.

    Good luck in your work!

  2. I am so glad you were able to use that post. That incident really blew my mind. Some of these blogs are just incredibly powerful.

  3. Josh – Thanks for the link. Hope we were used as an example of a resource vs a site to fear.

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