Transparency from Sen. Obama’s team?

Earlier today I posted about a gaffe by Sen. Obama’s campaign team regarding a somewhat clumsy attempt to call attention to Sen. Clinton’s ties to India.

That past received a comment that pointed me to a statement by Senator Obama posted on a site by a group called “South Asians for Obama ’08.” Normally, I would respond with a ‘thanks’ for pointing that out. However, there was something troubling there. The comment was posted by someone with the Blogger ID, “maff.” When I clicked to see the profile, and attempt to learn to whom to address my thanks, I was greeted with no information at all and the fact that I was the first person to view that profile, ever. So, are there blank profiles being created to do damage control?

This is not an attack on Senator Obama. This is a call for those working with politicians to respect the need for transparency. So, ‘maff,’ thank you for pointing me to the statement, but next time, please let us know who you are. I wouldn’t call you on the phone and start talking without identifying myself, and I simply ask the same courtesy from those that contact me.


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