Google – Experienced Need Not Apply

“We don’t hire brokers here, we train new ones.” Spoken by Jim Young, played by Ben Affleck, in Boiler Room. Terrible movie, with a few great lines, but it’s the first thing that came to mind when I read Tom Foremski’s piece on the huge ramp up going on at Google PR. I’ve linked quite a bit to Google for various smart PR moves, this isn’t one of them. Google needs a lot of people with experience working with major issues and major brands.

I’ve posted Tom’s whole article below. If you don’t read Silicon Valley Watcher yet, I highly recommend it.

GOOG Doubling its PR Crew–PR and Press Needn’t Apply

When I was over at Google late last month, I caught up with corporate comms bosses David Krane and Brian O’Shaughnessy. They told me that their staffs were being doubled in June with about 50 new people joining their teams.

I asked how many of those new people were from the PR industry. I was told none. How many of those new people were former journalists, again I was told none. They are all new hires straight out of the top schools in the US.

There is only one person on the Google communications team that was once a journalist, and only for a very short time. There are very few people, about 5 or 6 recruited directly from the PR industry.

This is the policy of Elliot Schrage, head of corporate communications.

I can understand that it is often worthwhile to hire people that have not been taught how to do things because then you can teach them your ways of doing things.

But there should be more media professionals on the GOOG team, imho.


4 thoughts on “Google – Experienced Need Not Apply

  1. Based on the current PR google gets, its scary to think what doubling the team size will do. I do agree that it seems odd not to hire experienced PR people, but whatever they have been doing seems to be working quite well. Perhaps they are hoping to build up usage of their non-search products?

  2. If they’re hoping to build solid coverage of their non-search products they need experienced people.

    I’ve been part of two PR teams when products have really taken off (iPod and Skype), and as weird as it sounds, it takes experience to know when to let things happen and how to help them keep happening.

  3. iPod and Skype?

    Can you take me on a ride on your yacht or private jet?

    I’m jealous of the $$$ you must have.



  4. Diddy,

    Timing is everything, and there’s no yacht or private jet. Maybe someday, but nope, didn’t get crazy $$$ from either one.

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