Can I take a mulligan on that pitch?

From the Sacramento Bee:

Jack Crawford does things a little differently, which is a good thing. I think this is interesting. What’s going to be really interesting is how hot it’s going to get out there for people looking for capital. In July, the average temperature, according to, is 95 degrees here. Always seems to be over 100 in July. There’s going to be some serious sweating during the pitches.

Links on the links: A lot of business gets done on the golf course. So why not use that locale to hook up investors and entrepreneurs?

That’s the thinking of Jack Crawford Jr., who is organizing a tourney called “Entrepreneurial Drive.”

He’s inviting wealthy “angel” investors to play a round at Serrano Country Club on July 23. At the tee box at each hole will be a team from a local startup company that’s seeking early-stage financing.

Eighteen holes. Eighteen companies with stories to tell.

“There’s a little down time at these things,” says Crawford, who runs Velocity Venture Capital. “They’ll have a few minutes to make a bit of an ‘elevator pitch.'”

Crawford acknowledges that lots of other groups hold events to bring together investors and startup companies.

What’s different about this? For one thing, he says, “it’s going to be fun.” For more info, check out


2 thoughts on “Can I take a mulligan on that pitch?

  1. Will investors have the “fore sight” to listen to the VC or simply use it as a time to booze? Amazing what we must do to gain attention these days. This one wins points for having “balls.”

    It’s Friday, I’m trying to be funny.

  2. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin….please no puns before 9. I think you need to start a companion site to the “Bad Pitch Blog” for the “Bad Pun Blog”

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