– A little morbid but interesting – Welcome! Taking care of you in life and beyond.

I stumbled onto this site over the weekend. No, I’m not dying. But, this does seems somewhat interesting from a business standpoint, and they seem to be based up at Tahoe. The biggest issue here would most likely be trust. Whom do you trust this level of information to?

From a PR perspective, this has all kinds of opportunities, such as a survey on how people have left a plan for finding information, where is the information kept, stories about assets lost etc.

No, they’re not a client, but it could be fun!


4 thoughts on “ – A little morbid but interesting

  1. Hello there, I’m one of the co-founders of YouDeparted and I’m glad you found our site! (I’m also happy to hear you are not dying!)

    We are actually just getting going with our Marketing/PR after 6 months of development and testing, and I agree that there are some very interesting PR possibilities. I certainly like the survey idea.

    Trust is the first question everyone asks when they hear about our offering for the first time, and we of course have made security our number one priority. A big part of our PR will no doubt be explaining to potential customers that their information is safe due to our ultra-strong encryption and overall security scheme.

    You have a nice blog, and I’ll certainly be checking it from time to time.


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