Watch Steve Jobs Try Not to Spit Water on Bill Gates

VIDEO: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together: Part 2 of 7 | D5 | AllThingsD
“Windows 95 is when graphical user interface became mainstream…..”
Watch Steve Jobs try not to spit out his water.

Full disclosure – I’m a former Apple employee and still own some stock (although DEFINITELY not as much as I would like 😉


Mahalo launches with great PR page

Mahalo PR – Mahalo

Check it out. Very well done by Jason Calacanis and co. Questions are answered, images are easy to access. Very well done! Only two things I would change:

– I would add is to have a real name for the press contact as opposed to
– I would create a more usable quote than…”We’re thrilled…”

Props to the Horn Group from SF Chronicle

The Technology Chronicles : Interop news: It’s all geek to me: “Every once in awhile, a PR agency does something great. Thanks to the Horn Group today for sending out a summary of announcements that came out of Interop 2007, the giant IT trade show that’s been going on in Las Vegas this week. For those of us who didn’t get to go, here’s a rundown of some of the big announcements, translated from Technologese to English for those of us who don’t speak geek.”

Great job by The Horn Group. Great idea and a way to provide a service to reporters, which helps build Horn credibility.