Think carefully about spokespeople for long lead media

Prosper – Baby Blue Chips: Digital Music Group

Prosper Magazine is a regional business publication here in Sacramento. They’ve built a solid alternative to Sacramento Magazine, which is built on the backs of profiles of Kings players, top 10 lists and real estate ads.

The problem is that they are a monthly and you end up with situations like this one, where the new issue has a profile of Sacramento-based Digital Music, with a quote from their COO Anders Brown which reads:

” Anders Brown, 36, is DMG’s chief operations officer, who from 1998 to 2004 worked for Microsoft and managed Koulouris’ Informant account with the software giant. Brown has no doubts about Koulouris’ ability to lead DMG to industry-powerhouse status. “If you give him a hill,” says Brown, “he’ll climb it and plant that flag every time.”

Now compare that to this release, dated December 28, 2006, which reads, “Digital Music Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: DMGI), a content owner and global leader in the digital distribution of independently owned music and video catalogs, announced today that Anders Brown, Chief Operating Officer, and Richard Rees, Vice President of Business Development, have resigned their respective positions. Mr. Brown has expressed a desire to pursue opportunities closer to his home and family in Seattle, Washington, and will remain active in his position through March 31, 2007, in order to ensure a smooth transition of his responsibilities.”

Bottom line, if you are going to be talking to long lead publications, make sure your spokesperson and everyone who will be quoted will still be around when the publication hits the street.


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