Before you pitch…think why you want to be there

PITCHPILE: Are you this desperate for attention? – Valleywag

The below is from ValleyWag, the Silicon Valley ‘gossip’ site that is part of Nick Denton’s empire.

PitchpileYou’d have thought that attention-hungry startups would stay well clear of Valleywag. After all, the chances of ridicule are probably higher than praise. But, no, the site receives plenty of pitches. Come meet our CEO. Try out this web service. Thought you might like to know. No I probably wouldn’t. I’m developing a new level of respect for Michael Arrington: the email inbox of the Techcrunch boss, arbiter of startup hotness, must be overwhelming. Anyway, a new feature on Valleywag: we’re going to publish a weekly post, the Pitchpile: all relevant email correspondence will be pasted up in the comments; and, if you have a new product you’re trying to promote, you can go in yourself and make the case. Keep the presentations short, and remember, that Valleywag commenters can be cutting. Think of the experience as standup comedy, before an indifferent audience, or a hostile one.

I worked with a client who when launching asked me if I had pitched ValleyWag on the launch. I asked him why he wanted to be there, and let him know that if coverage was received it probably wouldn’t be the kind he was looking for. He agreed. Before saying yes to a client that says ‘have you pitched xyz about our news,’ think what the benefit is to the client of getting coverage there and what the potential downside might be.

PS – Check out the picture at the top of Nick Denton’s site today, it has some helpful advice from Lifehacker.


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