Creativity Scores in Sports PR – April 5, 2007

Creativity Scores in Sports PR – April 5, 2007:


By Arthur Solomon

Situation: You’re the VP-PR for a company that doesn’t want to use a big chunk of its budget for a national sports marketing publicity program, but would like to add a sports theme to the publicity mix.

Question: Does the lack of big bucks earmarked for sports promotion prevent you from using sports to gain national publicity?

Answer: ‘Yes,’ if you use ‘railroad track’ thinking. ‘No,’ if you think creatively because a successful sports publicity program doesn’t have to break the budget or even be officially linked to a sports event.

Significant publicity can be obtained without being bogged down in paying huge rights fees for a major sports organization by developing a program on your own or, even more simply, by taking a stand and speaking out about a hot button sports issue.

Below are examples of ‘not breaking-the-bank’ sports-related initiatives that gained extensive national publicity:

St. Regis Paper Co.: After searching its product catalogue, St. Regis zeroed in on ‘Math Baseball,’ a flash card game consisting of simple math problems. By answering correctly, the ‘batter’ was awarded a single, double, triple or home run, depending on the difficulty of the questions.

Full article is available at (registration required)


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