Play Ball!

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Opening Day Genesis.: “And the Lord God formed, from the dust, a collection of elite players in His own image. The Lord God then breathed the breath of life into His creation. God called this creation the National League.”

Blasphemous? Very possibly, but darn good writing. Thanks to Adam Kalsey for highlighting this poem today, on one of my favorite days of the year. Opening Day.

It’s a day full of promise. Who can forget Tuffy Rhodes in 1994, Dmitri Young in 2005, or George Bell in 1988? Anyone know what they all have in common?

Of course, no opening day is complete without a little bit of politics, as President Bush declined to throw out the ‘first pitch.’

One thought on “Play Ball!

  1. At one point in the season, all three of those players were on track to hit 486 home runs.

    Of course, small sample sizes being what they are, each of them ended up hitting considerably less.

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