California Tech 100

California Tech 100

Last week, I was in Irvine for the inaugural California Tech 100 event to honor entrepreneurship in California’s tech sector.

There were two parts to the event. First was a standard Golden Capital event where early stage companies made their pitch to angel investors and VCs. One company that really stood out was Freepath, based ironically enough just down the road from me in Folsom. The company is led by John Stone, one of the founders of PowerSchool, which I worked closely with during my time at Apple. Freepath is a spin out from Grassroots Software, that is focusing on creating demand for the product that makes it easier to integrate multiple varieties of digital media into a PowerPoint presentation on the fly.

The second part of the event was the actual awarding of the inaugural California Innovation Awards. There’s a link the award winners, here.


LiveMarkets- Rocklin-based "chat enabled advertising network" launches

LiveMarkets press release | LiveMarkets banner ad chats

Another Sac-area tech company that had been operating under the radar (OK, under my radar) just launched. Looks interesting. The link above is to the press release announcing the launch. The release is actually pretty tightly written, not easy for a company to do out of the gates. One note, they should add the date to the online release.

Congratulations to LiveMarkets, and thanks to SacStarts for the link!

And, no, they are not a client of Morgan/Dorado 😉

Pentagon Challenged on Lynch and Tillman – New York Times

Pentagon Challenged on Lynch and Tillman – New York Times

This one might stir some people up. Is propaganda ever OK?

Propaganda has been a tool of governments and organizations to stir emotions as long as there have been people to care. Did anyone protest in the 40’s when a movie was made about the heroics of Audie Murphy, or when other soldiers and sailors who had been in the news were sent on promotional tours for war bonds?

If the country is engaged in a war, how far can/should the government go to keep people behind the war effort?

For those that argue for complete and total transparency, can it work on the macro level where lives are at stake?

California retracts anti-meth RFP contract after ‘flawed’ RFP – PRWeek US

California retracts anti-meth RFP contract after ‘flawed’ RFP – PRWeek US: “SACRAMENTO, CA: The state of California has retracted an RFP for an anti-methamphetamine public health initiative after determining the first process had flaws.”

The above shows why I am not a huge fan of ‘state business,’ as a way to grow our firm. When the decision to how to pick the right firm is narrowed down to a formula, there are going to be problems. I want Morgan/Dorado to be measured on our ability to perform, not how we fit into a matrix.

All of the above being said, I wish my former colleagues at Edelman all the best in winning the business again. To everyone who complained…..

SARTA names new CEO – Sacramento Business Journal:

SARTA names new CEO – Sacramento Business Journal:

Congratulations to J.D. Stack, the new CEO of SARTA. Our firm has been privileged to work with SARTA since July, and we look forward to continuing the relationship.

Now hopefully, Oleg won’t forget us when he moves into his new role at DFJ Frontier (FD – DFJ is the lead investor in MaxPreps, one of our clients that was recently acquired by CBS)