Briefing Documents

The Long Tail: The Microsoft Memo: Some choose radical transparency, some have it thrust upon them

As a standard rule, reporters don’t share their notes with subjects (or PR folks) and we don’t share briefing documents with them. Interesting how this has played out. Wired was working on a story on transparency (fitting in this case) at big companies with Microsoft as the main focus. They interviewed several current and former Microsoft employees.

The wrinkle here is that Frank Shaw, of WaggEd (one of MSFT’s longest-tenured PR firms) inadvertently sent the briefing document to the reporter (oops!). In the interest of transparency, the reporter posted it here (caution that link downloads the briefing doc – all 13 pages of it as a PDF). Now, the fun part is that Frank Shaw, posted about it as well.

Think is, it’s a good article. I think we can add PR to that list of “laws and sausages” as things that you don’t want to see made.


One thought on “Briefing Documents

  1. I had a large national PR agency leave a briefing book with dossiers on about 20 west coast reporters in my office. I of course had it photocopied and sent the material to the appropriate reporters and their editor.
    It was a hoot.
    Jim Forbes

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