InfoWorld is Dead, Long Live InfoWorld

InfoWorld Tech Watch | InfoWorld | InfoWorld folds print mag to focus on online and events | March 26, 2007 06:00 AM | By Steve Fox

The print edition of one of my favorite IT trade publications has gone the way of the dodo. Link above is to a letter by Steve Fox, EIC of InfoWorld.

Great take on the history of the publication from Jim Forbes, here. I always had great experiences working with their “Test Center” on product reviews and had some great conversations with Michael Vizard ‘back in the day,’ ok in the mid-late 90’s.


One thought on “InfoWorld is Dead, Long Live InfoWorld

  1. the literal history of InfoWorld is stranger than the fiction. in the early days two IW staffers were seen skating down University Avenue in Palo Alto on their way to the office on Lytton, reading Das Kapital as they rolled past Bank of America. It was truly wonderful imagery. My other favorite story is about a horrible practical joke. ONe morning, the shit literraly hit a fan at InfoWorld with a smelly but pronounced slpat. I laughed so hard I cried. Sacks and the typesetting lady didn’t ;augh. to this day the mystery shitter’s identity is not known but I have a good guess who it was. Only at InfoWorld.

    Jim Forbes

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