Sac-Area VC/Start-up Conference

It’s been a busy few days in El Dorado Hills. I watched presentations from 29 early stage companies, and was really excited by some, while some left me scratching my head. The dynamic of the conference that I love is seeing so many people that are so passionate about what they are doing. It’s why I love working with start-ups. It’s a lot easier to do great work when your client is so fired up about what they are doing.

Two companies, Pediatric Bioscience (a Morgan/Dorado client), and Visicon Inspection Technologies were selected as “Best in Show,” by a panel of investors that included representatives from Akers Capital (Roger Akers), American River Ventures (Harry Laswell), DCA Capital Partners (Steve Mills), Velocity Venture Capital (Jack Crawford) and Keiretsu Forum (Max Shapiro).

The other ‘finalists’ were:
Abrevity, Cupertino
Brondell, San Francisco (Mark Cuban is an early investor)
Radius 8 (Fresh Park), Emeryville
NexGen Medical Systems, Sacramento
Pediatric BioScience, Sacramento
Revionics, Granite Bay
S Machines, El Dorado Hills
Visicon Technologies, Napa
Tagent, Sunnyvale

Companies that I found really interesting were:
Freshpark – portable skateboard ramps (based in Emeryville)
ioSafe – ‘disaster ready back-up/storage’ (based in Auburn)
– bioCool – very cool way to keep people ..ahem…cool…in high temperature environments
BlackRock – auxiliary power systems for big trucks (seems boring until you realize the environmental impact of allowing idling trucks to shut down)

As always, congratulations to the team at Golden Capital (Jon, Jim, Allen and Karen) for putting together a great conference.


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