Proactive Customer Communications…

Airlines Learn to Fly on a Wing and an Apology – New York Times:

“An outsider, Mr. Taylor initially had trouble getting detailed accounts of Southwest’s missteps from the operational bosses. “They weren’t giving me the whole picture,” he said. “I’d get back and write and it wouldn’t make any sense. Without a grasp of what went wrong, he concluded, “I’ll lack credibility. And what good is that?”

Over time, he won their trust. “When something goes wrong, Fred is one of the first people I call,” said Steve West, senior director in the operations control center. Mr. Taylor then gets word out to the rest of the company about what happened. “And my phone will stop ringing,” Mr. West said.”

Great article from the NY Times that points out a few common things about PR life:
– Lack of access or a ‘seat at the table’
– The ‘a-ha’ moment when operations folks realize that PR can help make their life easier
– Never underestimate the power of a clear explanation

One thought on “Proactive Customer Communications…

  1. Now if that attitude would just trickle down to the customer, waiting at the gate – gotta love Southwest.

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