No pressure.

A Chance to Hike California’s Hidden Buttes (Maybe) – New York Times

Ok, this is definitely part of someone’s bigger strategy, but who’s? The Sutter Buttes, often referred to as the world’s smallest mountain range, are right in between Sacramento and Chico, so I pass them about 2-4 times per month. My whole life, they have basically been ‘off-limits’ because the majority of the land is privately owned by ranchers.

Now, a small portion of the Sutter Buttes is being opened up as a state park. According to a state ranger quoted in the article, ““It hasn’t been changed over the years, and this is a chance to come back to a spot in California that pretty much looks the same way it did since the mid-1800s.”

So, now there is talk of eminent domain being used to take over the land from the ranchers who’s families have owned it since the 1800’s or perhaps some of the ranchers selling off to the State.

The PR-related question here is, “who do you think pitched the article to the NY Times?”


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