Bios don’t have to be boring

Executive Bios – Frontier Airlines

On the eve of our first anniversary here at MDPR, we are in the process of updating our website from our initial (exceedingly ugly) site. As part of the process, I’m working with a local designer, and trying to find some interesting ways to update the content.

I’m definitely going to change the bio and photo page (so it doesn’t look like I’m running for office), and also most likely update the client pages (to be more interactive and integrate a lot of the functionality of the social media press release).

I like what Frontier Airlines has done with their exec page (linked above). It reflects the company culture well. And of course it is well done since their corp comm is led by Joe Hodas, an Alexander Communications alum.

If anyone else has any examples they like, please send them over!

One thought on “Bios don’t have to be boring

  1. Josh,

    Congrats on the anniversary!

    As a person who’s worked both inside and agency and now a person who looks at agency’s to hire, the most important thing to me is to get to know the people and philosophy of the firm.

    I don’t care that you’ve gotten your clients publicity in the NYT or High Times, or that you have a Master’s in basketweaving.

    Who am I getting with my money and how do they operate. Very few agencies get this, in my opinion.

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