Are they or aren’t they a client?

Public speaking agencies advertise bait-and-switch speakers – March 19, 2007:

Somewhat humorous article that calls out ‘executive speakers’ bureaus’ that list top tech executives on their list of available speakers for hire. This was exceptionally funny to me having worked at Apple and knowing that there is no way in the world that this would have been approved by Apple PR.

“‘A lot of speakers are not necessarily exclusively with a bureau, but we’ll list them because we can contact them,’ she says. ‘There are so many speakers out there that we work with.’ Still, almost immediately after speaking with this reporter, Executive Speakers took Bezos’ and Jobs’ profiles off its Web site.”

This was also interesting to me because I see, and I’ll be nice here, let’s say ‘inflated’ lists of clients on some PR firm websites. These sites include companies that individuals who work for the firm may have worked with in the past as clients. I think this is disingenuous at best. I try and be as transparent as possible. Our client list includes past and present companies and organizations that Morgan/Dorado has worked with. I don’t include companies that were clients of Edelman or Alexander/Ogilvy. In my mind, that should be confined to bios of specific team members.

Anyone else have any thought on this?

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