SacStarts March Dinner

Last week, I went to my first SacStarts dinner. Great group with some fun ideas being exchanged. One of the best parts was being around lots of folks who are really into the ‘culture’ of start-ups, something that I have missed since our move up to the 916 in 2003. This includes the general passion for what they are doing and interest in what others are doing. This type of informal meet up is much more fun than the ‘forced networking’ of many other formal organizations.

Some of the folks there were Adam Kalsey, Layton Wedgworth, Scott Hildebrand, Elise Bauer, Carson Black, Matt Mullenweg, and Barry Abrahamson (who shared some very cool WordPress and LaughingSquid stickers with everyone!). Apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone!

One of the funniest parts of the evening was a reference to someone making a statement that was referred to as ‘Wineresque.’ Yes, I’m a dork.

The next dinner is March 28 at Il Forno Classico in Gold River. If you’d like to come just register at so they can get an idea how many folks will be there.


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