Go Tigers!

Recordnet.com: Students get ready for rare nationally televised game

Just a quick note to everyone on the biggest event going on in the sports world this evening. When I was at Pacific, football was still king, but then it was dropped a year after I graduated.

This is a re-building year for Tiger basketball after three straight trips to the NCAA Tournament, but nothing brings in a crowd like a nationally televised game. This is old hat to some of you who went to big name schools but for us from the little schools it’s a big game. When we beat UNLV on “Big Monday” and had Dickie V. shouting “It’s pandemonium at the Spanos Center” while we rushed the court, it was a memorable moment. Especially since we didn’t have that many on the football field as seen from this quote from the Cal Bears web site referring to a game against UOP in 1991, “The Bears squared off against Pacific, coached by current Stanford head coach Walt Harris, and gave the Tigers a thorough thrashing, beating them 86-24. The Bears set 16 records that day and 10 of those have yet to be broken. Some of those records include, most points scored, most touchdowns scored (12) and most first downs (35). “

I now return you to your regularly schedule programming.


2 thoughts on “Go Tigers!

  1. Josh,

    This is something that has always puzzled me. I’ve been to the University of the Pacific. Spent some time in Stockton. Seen the sights, wandered the streets, but I have yet to find the Pacific that the school is the University of… Have I just overlooked it?

  2. #1 – The tigers lost last night. There were brief moments of hope but those were quickly dashed.
    #2 – You have obviously never been to Stockton. There are no sights.
    #3 – The Delta leads to the Pacific after traversing 90 miles of brackish water filled with various levels of toxic slime.
    #4 – UOP was founded in Santa Clara in 1851, moved to San Jose in 1872 and to the 209 in 1925. I think they came for the waters (forgive me, Casablanca was on this weekend)

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