Nice Short Piece on Small Business Blogging Benefitss – PC Mag

Business Blogging

Nice short article from PC Magazine that outlines a few reasons for small businesses to have a blog.

IMHO, article is a bit simplistic for the publication’s audience, but helpful nonetheless.

The #1 reason for me for a small business to have a blog is to increase online visibility and move in the Google search results. If you type “Josh Morgan” into Google, this blog comes up as the fourth result. It was #1 until a guy with the same name started running for office in Canada. Those pesky Canadians!

#2 reason is to demonstrate your industry knowledge/involvement. Show prospective customers that you know what you’re talking about, which saves some time in pitches as they may already know a bit about your take/attitude on specific issues.


One thought on “Nice Short Piece on Small Business Blogging Benefitss – PC Mag

  1. I agree that the article was simplistic, but I think it was really intended for those who have never used blogs before. I still wish they had touched more on the organic nature of blogs. The power of commenting and trackbacks is a powerful thing. They discuss the importance of networking without really getting into too much detail on how to do it.

    Your post really hits on WHY to blog, that is, the benefits. Being seen as an expert is a big part of it all. Having a good blog also leads to a loyal following and good relationships.

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