Profile of Michael Sitrick, Sitrick & Co. – from Inc.

How I Did It: Michael Sitrick, Chairman and CEO, Sitrick and Co., Advertising and Public Relations Article – Inc. Magazine Article

Generally a pretty bland article about Michael Sitrick, but a few interesting nuggets:

– “hire an answering service” – we’re still small, so after hours all calls go to my cell phone but this is a great idea and one I’m going to look in to as we grow. I know my brother in law, who’s a lawyer swears by his answering service (and yes, I know they need a site).
– “Due diligence” – check out prospective clients as deeply as you can. It’s sometimes hard to turn away money but remember it’s your name on the line as well if you represent them.
– “I’ll drop a client too.” – He uses an anecdote about a client that came on to two of his employees very strongly. It’s not always sexual advances that can be a problem. If a client mistreats one of your employees, they’re not worth it.
– “Hire ex-journalists” – This is good advice. I agree. In fact, my addition to MDPR came from 17 years in TV News. The thing is don’t hire only ex-journalists. Hire smart people.


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