If you are at DEMO this week..

ForbesOnTech: Five Ways to Get the Most out of Demo 2007

…or may be at one in the future. Read this from Jim Forbes. He knows of what he speaks. With serious credibility.


Great resource for business media news

Talking Biz News

A big part of our job is to stay on top of who is writing for what publications and what is going on in their world.

This is a great resource from the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I also hear that they have a decent basketball team, but obviously no match for The Tigers.

Thanks to Bob Levitus for the heads up on this site.

Profile of Michael Sitrick, Sitrick & Co. – from Inc.

How I Did It: Michael Sitrick, Chairman and CEO, Sitrick and Co., Advertising and Public Relations Article – Inc. Magazine Article

Generally a pretty bland article about Michael Sitrick, but a few interesting nuggets:

– “hire an answering service” – we’re still small, so after hours all calls go to my cell phone but this is a great idea and one I’m going to look in to as we grow. I know my brother in law, who’s a lawyer swears by his answering service (and yes, I know they need a site).
– “Due diligence” – check out prospective clients as deeply as you can. It’s sometimes hard to turn away money but remember it’s your name on the line as well if you represent them.
– “I’ll drop a client too.” – He uses an anecdote about a client that came on to two of his employees very strongly. It’s not always sexual advances that can be a problem. If a client mistreats one of your employees, they’re not worth it.
– “Hire ex-journalists” – This is good advice. I agree. In fact, my addition to MDPR came from 17 years in TV News. The thing is don’t hire only ex-journalists. Hire smart people.

Oh…the fun of consumer-generated content

Great article from Washington Post on program by MySpace to have users post their own “State of the Union Address.” The winner was Jesse Dollemore and his shirt said “STFU.”

Kudos to the PR person who dealt with this well.

Post I.T. — A Technology Blog From The Washington Post – (washingtonpost.com): “I wonder if either of them knew what the abbreviation on Dollemore’s t-shirt stands for.

During his address, Dollemore stands in a home before a fireplace. He wears a black t-shirt bearing the letters: ‘STFU.’

Asked about this, a spokeswoman for MySpace offered that STFU might stand for, “a University in Southern Texas.”

Nice try.

Prompted, the MySpace folks put a call in to Dollemore. The next e-mail I got from MySpace read: “It means what you think it means.” On the one hand, you could take this as a confirmation that STFU is the vulgar phrase mentioned above. On the other hand, it could be an existential answer: STFU means whatever anyone wants it to mean. Wow. Deep.”

– Disclosure – Once again, MySpace is an Edelman client and they still have me do some stuff, but not with MySpace.