Louis Heilbron — early CSU official, specialist in labor law

Louis Heilbron — early CSU official, specialist in labor law: “‘The chief difficulty with the modern university is that it gives little time for thinking,’ the honor student said. ‘There is too much noise at the university, too much activity.'”

Louis Heilbron was my grandmother’s, Lucille Clumeck, 2nd or 3rd cousin (I always get confused on the counting) and one of her best friends. She will be 94 next month and her sadness at losing one her oldest friends saddens me. She told me a great story of going to a New Year’s Eve midnight supper at Louis’ apartment and being the ‘kid’ at the party. She was 87. There was lively discussion that continued until 2.

I can’t imagine the pain of continuing to see your friends die as you outlive them. Hopefully, her joy at the growth of her grandchildren (8 of them) and great grandchildren (9 so far) tempers this a bit.

Sorry, not PR-related but Louis was an old-time gentleman and the world was better off for his having been here. I was lucky enough to know him for most of my life, and was grateful that he was able to join us for our engagement party in 1999.


Is Digg done?

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No this is not a blatant attempt at Diggbait, but has anyone noticed the quality of the stories on the front page of Digg slipping? It’s starting to look more like Fark every day. Maybe Drew should go after $8.5m.

I’m all for the wisdom of crowds in deciding which stories are most important/interesting, but the stories percolating to the top seem to be more and more sophomoric. Don’t get me wrong, I love sophomoric stuff, but I saw Digg as kind of a more mature Fark. Was I wrong? Anyone else noticing this?

Don’t Panic When the Blogosphere Smells Blood

Marshall Kirkpatrick » Now Microsoft Wants Its Laptop Back

Edelman and Microsoft are getting serious flak ( er…Flack? sorry couldn’t resist) for sending out tricked out laptops loaded with Vista to influential bloggers.

BL Ochman chimes in with righteous indignation about the program saying “Edelman Has New Ethics Scandal Brewing with Microsoft’s Blogger Bribe Campaign.” I’m calling BULLSH*T!

This is a review program. Many, many hardware and software companies send products for review trade, consumer and business publications all the time. For something as big as an OS it’s practically required because most reporters don’t want to install a new one.

If people keep the laptops, then they have the ethical problem, not Edelman. Not Microsoft, and not Acer.

I am more than tired about the ‘purity’ of the blogosphere. If you want to be treated like journalists, then act like journalists and realize that companies provide review products to journalists to try and achieve the best possible reviews for their client. It’s not nefarious. It’s not underhanded. It’s PR.

(Full disclosure – I am a former employee of Edelman, and still contract with the firm to serve some clients, but I do not work on the Microsoft business).

Will It Blend? | Presented By Blendtec

Will It Blend? | Presented By Blendtec

I’m way late to the game on this one, but was just reading AdFreak, and was blown away by this campaign. I have never heard of Blendtec but will definitely check one out now.

With a quick search on YouTube, 97 results come up with Blendtec and many have over 300k viewings, with one near 2 million!

Anyone know if this was in house or if they worked with an outside agency?