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I never understood this strategy

The strategy of “let’s announce a PR Blitz to revitalize my image.”

Nov. 27, 2006


Embattled comic Michael Richards, who played Kramer on “Seinfeld,” has hired Howard Rubenstein to handle fallout stemming from his racist tirade unleashed during a performance at West Hollywood’s “Laugh Factory.”

The episode was caught on video by a member of the audience and posted on the ‘Net.

Rubenstein told the Associated Press that Richards has “apologized profusely” for his remarks and is aware of the “tremendous wound that he’s inflicted on the American public, and on the African-American community.”

Rubenstein was hired because of his “deep contacts in the black community,” according to the AP. He had Richards reach out to Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, a pair that Rubenstein says he has known for many years. Jackson recommends psychiatric help and racial sensitivity courses for the actor.

The New York PR counselor believes it would be tragic if the Richards’ outburst exacerbates racial tensions. He notes that it has always been his effort to “improve African-American and Jewish ethnic relations.”

Rubenstein confirms a report that Richards blurted out anti-Semitic remarks during a performance in the spring, but that he was only role-playing.

Noting that Richards is Jewish, Rubenstein said that the comic does not have “any anti-Semitic feelings whatsoever.”

Real Estate Porn

Real Estate Porn

This is just funny. Among my friends and family I refer to my fascination with real estate as ‘real estate porn.’

For example, when I’m up late (which is most nights) I’ll either be working or looking at ‘real estate porn.’ This usually includes looking at houses in my immediate area for sale as well as some at Lake Tahoe (where we will have a house, yes, we will have a house there) or in some other area that I have seen referenced somewhere.

So, I decided to create a blog to post some of the places I run across and low and behold was taken by someone with the same idea. back to the drawing board but I’ll find a good name.

Anyone have any other good suggestions?

We Have Watched Our Ivory Towers Fall…

We Have Watched Our Ivory Towers Fall…

This is not really PR-related. More parent-related. During the course of my online stumblings I ran into Andrew Kantor’s site. He is a tech columnist for the USA Today, but also writes fiction and posts some personal stuff on his site at

This jumped out at me because I grew up in a family that was very patriotic, but was open about questioning why (may have something to do with a father from Ponca City, Oklahoma and a mother from the SF Bay Area). Now that my own daughters are getting old enough to ask questions like “Why do we have a flag on the front our house,” I need to spend some time thinking about why we do, how to explain that to them.