IMSafer in WSJ!

Foley Scandal Turns Parents Into Web Sleuths –
(sub. req’d to read whole article)

For those of you without subscriptions, here’s the lead:

“Lori Hahn of Sacramento, Calif., has made a habit of talking to her three teenagers about being careful whom they talk to online. Now, after the discovery that former Rep. Mark Foley sent sexually explicit instant messages to congressional pages, she says she is no longer taking any chances.


[filtering software]

Parents can use Web filtering software to help protect their children from online predators.

“The Foley news spurred me to take action,” says Ms. Hahn, senior operations manager for a consulting firm, who days after the scandal broke installed IMSafer, a new program that promises to send her an email when sexual or predatory language appears in her children’s IM conversations. “I trust their judgment. But I don’t trust the people who are out there. The software gives me a little peace of mind.”

This speaks to the benefit of having customers available for reporters. Know who is using your product and how they use it.


3 thoughts on “IMSafer in WSJ!

  1. Josh,

    Kudos all around. That Lori Hahn is one heck of a spokesperson. Where ever did you find her?


  2. Josh,
    would you be able to post this entire article? i am writing a paper on it and am not a subscriber. i have a copy of the actual article, but have to submit is electronically.

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