Smart People – Good Technology – Outstanding Intentions


If you are a parent, or just into really cool, productive ways to use technology check out IM Safer. I’m running the beta now and these guys have an outstanding product that can help ease, at least a little, parents minds about predators approaching their children online.

Nothing is 100% safe in this world, but it never hurts to have a little extra help, especially when it comes to your kids.

(PS – No, IM Safer is not a client, but they would be outstanding to work with, and we could really help them get the word out about their product..They also have a manifesto, I love working with companies that have manifestos…hint..hint)


Rap’s Captive Audience – Los Angeles Times

Rap’s Captive Audience – Los Angeles Times: “‘Rebels are always opinion makers,’ said Ruthless co-founder Jerry Heller.”

I’m all about using the best method to reach potential audiences, but ‘jailhouse marketing’ may be ‘Jumping the Shark’ for me.

These guys know ‘crisis PR’

“…so this is a tragedy for us.” « Calm, Patient and Good-Humored

If you studied PR (or business) in college one of the case studies you became intimately familiar with was the ‘Tylenol‘ case. This blog is co-authored by three ‘generations’ of J&J PR heads, including Larry Foster, who lead the company’s response to that crisis.

The post here reminds us of the need to speak publicly about how our customers are affected by a crisis. Save how your company is being impacted for discussions with Wall Street.

They don’t post very often, but when they do, it’s definitely required reading.

Synergy Doesn’t Always Work Within Big Companies

JESSICA SIMPSON Xbox Sweepstakes

Sony is a huge company. It must be hard for all of the divisions, like Sony Music, to know what the other divisions, like Sony PlayStation, are doing.

Therefore how could Sony Music be expected to know that Sony PlayStation is coming out with a new gaming console that will compete directly with Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

So, why would it be a bad idea for Sony Music to have a contest where they give away an XBox 360…….This kind of stuff kills me.

Every big company needs one communication person with a huge brain who knows of all external marketing/communications initiatives and can connect the dots when necessary so this kind of brand damaging behavior can be limited.

Props to Brian Kent for pointing this out.

Smile, Acknowledge ….and Move On

APC Magazine » “It’s pretty awesome when it works”: Steve Jobs’ Apple Keynote bloopers

A great set of ‘bloopers’ from when things don’t work out as planned at Apple keynotes. Thanks to ValleyWag for pointing this out.

A few things to learn from this:
1) Always have a backup system (it may be hard copy printouts of your preso, but have them. Believe me, I’ve seen many, many projectors and laptops fail inexplicably, and ONE time I didn’t bring hard copy back up and Adam Silber will never let me forget it).

2) If something doesn’t work as planned, then smile, acknowledge the problem and move on to something else.

3) No matter how much you practice, something will break/not work. Plan for this.