Always do a final print check!

University of Florida Class of 26

Whenever you are printing something, do a final check at the print site, with two people. I was lucky enough to learn this lesson in college when we printed two hundred shirts for a night at the ballpark sponsored by the “Publuc Relations Department.”

We were lucky enough to not have it on the evening news. Can’t say the same for the kids from Florida.


Would it be that hard to book the conf. room?

RadioShack Uses E-Mail to Fire Employees

Employee communications. Very, very important. What sort of message do you think this sends to current employees?

You should be happy you didn’t get an email? I think it says that ‘we don’t value our employees or the contributions they have made to the company.”

Whether you work at a large or a small company, make sure the head of HR knows you, knows your work, and lets you at least see any companywide communication before it goes out.

Word Choice

Business – Bob Shallit: Kings-arena supporters paint billboard visions –

Maybe it’s my Silicon Valley background but the term “renew” conjures up the vision of 60’s urban renewal projects. This is purely marketing analysis. It’s not a positive emotional word for me. What about highlighting the actual benefits of a potential arena and new downtown venue to local voters?

I’m not taking a stand here on the issue since I can’t vote on it, I live in El Dorado County.

For some words from both sides on the issue check out Prosper Mag’s online forum.

Sac Area Tech Notches Another Acquisition

Business – Local chip design star sold –

Congratulations to the team at Sierra Logic (no, not an MDPR client but it would have been really cool if they were!)

The company was founded by former Agilent execs, and shows the impact that large company presence can have on entrepreneurship in a region. Look for other local companies started by emigres from big companies, ahem Intel, to have similar outcomes.

Kids Say the Darndest Things in Their Blogs

Kids Say the Darndest Things in Their Blogs

Sometimes it’s hard to say ‘no’ to the media, but people need to learn how to do it.

Why would Jared Watts agree to talk to the Washington Post about this issue? Forevermore, when someone googles his name, this article will come up and he will have to explain why he referred to a customer as the “Middle-Aged Wench of Doom.”

Not all press is good press. Before you agree to participate in an article, find out the angle, who else the reporter is talking to etc.