Little Companies. Big Ideas.

Business – Sacramento Briefing: New biotech firm focuses on autism

One of the reasons that I left Edelman, was the opportunity to work again directly with the entrepreneurs that start companies and have a passion for what they are doing.

One of my clients announced their company today, and it’s really amazing to be part of this type of excitement. Pediatric Bioscience is the kind of client I had in mind when I started Morgan/Dorado.

Right now the company consists of a CEO, a board of scientific advisors and licenses from UC Davis to try and commercialize some research that was done at the MIND Institute. Their goal is to create a biochemical test to help identify autism earlier in life than currently possible through available behavioral methods.

Early in my career, when I was stressing out about an announcement, my boss told me to “Calm down we’re not curing cancer here.” OK, so we’re not curing cancer with Pediatric Bioscience but it’s almost as cool.


Please Fox…Don’t Wish Me Well!

Watch Your Back When Fox News Wishes Well, Watch Your Back When Someone at Fox News Channel Wishes You Well; It Could Be Kiss of Death – CBS News

There is seemingly endless fun coming out of LA and the TV ‘upfronts,’ which is being blogged about hilariously by Tim Goodman from the SF Chronicle, who refers to it as the “Death March with Cocktails.”

This article I’m guessing is a result of Keith Olbermann showing up with a Bill O’Reilly mask at one of the events.

Get out the checkbooks

Kazaa, Skype, and now “The Venice Project”

Niklas and Janus, the guys that brought you Kazaa and Skype, are at it again. These guys understand how to build buzz in a product. Anyone remember that Forbes cover story that kickstarted everything?

I got to work with Skype during the roll-out of their Mac and Linux clients, and I learned a lot working with Kelly Larabee and Kat James (two former Alexander/Ogilvy folks that were nice enough to bring me along for the ride.)

IF the Venice project is real, see if you can bring Kelly back. She’s worth it.

Clients Hiring Talent – Wal-Mart Hires Edelman Official For New Government-Relations Post

There seems to be a time in most positive agency/client relationships when the client askes themselves wouldn’t it be more efficient if I just hired this person that runs my agency team to work for me directly?

Sometimes this is true, but quote often the success the client is seeing is the result of the agency as a whole working for you and not the individual you see on your IM list. In Wal-Mart’s case I think they can still afford to keep Edelman on.

But an interesting factor comes into play here, Edelman always positions themselves as non-partisan. They had basically a Rep. and a Dem. co-chair (Mike Deaver and Leslie Dach respectively). Who’s the Dem in line for Leslie’s job?

Morgan/Dorado Intro’s ‘Quick Call Retainer’ for Early Stage Companies

Quick Call Retainer from Morgan/Dorado Public Relations (Josh Morgan, Principal)

Today we rolled out the ‘Quick Call Retainer’ option for our clients. This is something I probably could not have done at a ‘big agency,’ but would be interested in hearing if any do it or have done it in the past.

In working with start-ups over the past 10 years I’ve found that many really don’t need an agency all the time. While they would definitely benefit from having an agency helping them it may not always be the best use of their money.

The Quick Call Retainer gives early stage companies the ability to receive quality PR counsel without a big expense. If as a result of the counsel action needs to be taken, then they pay for the time used to implement those actions. In the meantime, we are staying up to date on what they are doing, looking for opportunities for them, and providing a sounding board that they otherwise wouldn’t have.