EVERYTHING is on the record

Lexington Herald-Leader | 06/02/2006 | The ‘F’ word still has shock value

It doesn’t matter if it’s in a hallway or on a phone call. Watch what you say, especially if you are the spokesperson for a governor.

While this happenned in Kentucky, they included a quote from the always quotable Margita Thompson in Gov. Schwarzenegger’s office. She makes very good points and includes some ‘good quote’ of her own.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office did call back. While accustomed to intense scrutiny from state, national, international and entertainment media, said spokesperson Margita Thompson, “no one cuts us any slack.”

“I empathize with (Hall). It’s very hard to keep your emotions in check when the inquisitors don’t. It’s hard because you can be attacked, condescended to. (The press) can be aggressive and negative and you can never match that because the only thing that gets put on the evening news or in print is what you say.”

It’s good, at times like this, she said, laughing, to be working for someone who hasn’t always been in political life. For someone who said bad words in movies.

“The person’s judgment I’d be more concerned about would be my mother’s, who doesn’t know I’ve heard that language before,” Thompson said.


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