I’m buying his book tomorrow

Making a (Power)Point of Not Being Tiresome – Los Angeles Times

We’ve all seen bad PowerPoint presentations with dense text and no imaginable flow. We’ve seen humorous PowerPoint. But according to this article there’s a better way to do it and Cliff Atkinson, the founder of Sociable Media is sharing his knowledge and still cashing in.

At Apple I saw a lot of great presentations and learned a lot. I also learned a lot in a short conversation with Chris St. Hilaire a few years ago when he told me an effective presentation was about telling an effective story, which he’s turned into a science.

Bottom line. In our business we create a lot of PowerPoint, try and make each slide have a purpose.


Valleywag: Thunder Factory mocked for tooting their own horn

Valleywag: Flack hacks of the day: Thunder Factory

I like the folks at Thunder Factory. I know several of them, even if we haven’t spoken for a few years, and they are smart people that do good work.

But, that won’t save them from the snarkiness that we all know and love from Valleywag.

What’s your start-up worth?

SARTA – MTI Workshop: Valuation of Emerging Companies

With the huge numbers that get thrown around, it’s hard for entrepreneurs to figure out how much their company may be worth.

This is especially important when a company is in the process of raising money. SARTA has an event coming up to try and help emerging companies make sense of the numbers.

I’m going to try and check it out. Anyone else going?

Congratulations to Revver!

Revver had quite a bit of big news this week. They closed a sizable B round of funding that included their original investors, DFJ and Bessemer along with bringing on a certain Mr. Hearst, but in what seems like bigger news to me they are the distribution partner for Mozilla’s customer made “ads.” This will get Revver in front of a lot of people who can make a lot of noise online.

Disclosure, or anti-disclosure (we need a word for this), Revver is a client of Edelman. I no longer work for Edelman but I really like the team at Revver, they have an incredible product with a business model that could really work well.

Now it’s my shrimp I have to worry about

Two weeks ago, I made a jump. I decided to leave Edelman to start my own PR firm, Morgan/Dorado. I didn’t take this leap lightly, Edelman is an amazing place to work, but I want to build a business on my own.

It’s more than a little scary. I left Edelman with no new clients in tow, and the only thing going for us right now is my name and my experience.

I’ll keep everyone updated as we grow and bring on new clients. Of course, if anyone knows of any companies looking for PR counsel, please drop me an email or give me a call.