There is at least one editor at the Stockton Record with an interesting sense of humor

Residents encouraged to get ripped at Wal-Mart shred fest

Tomato Industry Playing Catch Up

These are a few headlines from the Stockton Record Business section this week. They both caught my eye and gave me a chuckle.


"Saving Money and Feeding the Beast" – The Small Screen

This is the take of the WSJ on the use of VNRs by news programs. I’ve used VNR’s several times in the past, and it has proven to be a great way to get a story out. A well produced VNR is a great asset for local news stations that need to fill time on their broadcasts while it seems constantly having their newsrooms and budgets cut.

That being said, it’s their job to fact check everything they put on the air. I fact check everything I put my name on and I’m the PR guy. I would expect the news stations to do nothing less.

An alternative to a complete VNR ‘package’ is a B-roll tape which usually includes footage of a product or company in use and maybe a taped segment of a company spokesperson or customer. B-roll can be much less expensive to produce than a complete VNR and can have more utility for a news program as they can easily pull relevant images when necessary to include in a segment. This is a win-win for both the company and the news station as the company’s most recent products are included in segments and the news station doesn’t have to use out of date ‘file footage’ when referencing a company.

My High School vs. John Seely Brown

The Future’s So Bright…

As the former token Jewish kid at Marin Catholic High School I was thrilled to see a current student participating in a ‘debate’ with one of technology’s great minds about whether technology helps or hurts the development of relationships among young people.

My thought, like many other things, in moderation online interaction can be a huge enabler of growth, but never forget about that world that exists beyond the display.

Me2 (not sold on the the concept though)

Micro Persuasion: Accelerating the Conversation

Rubel wrote this morning about Edelman’s new ‘group’ to ” identify, test, incubate and champion new forms of communications that get people talking across new platforms and cahnnels.”

Edelman is on track here and I know the name stems from Richard’s previous comments, but “Me2” is a little close to “me too.” Edelman as a firm, and Richard as a CEO, are way out in front of all of the other big agencies in really embracing this type of communication but sadly the name seems to smack of “me too” PR.