MC Hammer Blog: Play Ball!!

MC Hammer Blog: Play Ball!!

If you thought blogs jumped the shark with the dueling cover stories think again. Hammer’s got a blog.

Actually, I don’t know how to say this, but as far as self-indulgent celebrogs, this one isn’t too bad. And as far as baseball goes, he’s a seriosu fan which goes a long way with me.

Go Hammer! Go Hammer!


Governor Didn’t Know ‘Daily Show’ Was A Comedy Chicago news, weather, traffic: Governor Didn’t Know ‘Daily Show’ Was A Comedy

Ok, this is an extreme example but it drives home a few basic PR101 points.

1) KNOW THE MEDIA! It’s our job.
2) If you don’t know the outlet, and its painful that someone on the staff didn’t know the Daily Show, do your research.
3) Prep the person who is going to be interviewed with background on the outlet, the person conducting the interview, and relevant recent articles/segments.

To me this is a career ender or at least a severe detour for the person running the Illinois Governor’s (no I’m not even attempting to spell his last name) Media Relations office.

craigslist Disputes "Fair" Housing Lawsuit

craigslist Disputes “Fair” Housing Lawsuit

Another example of why Craigslist works. In response to a lawsuit alleging their cuplability in posting disciminatory housing listings, Craigslist has posted a defense signed by their CEO, Jim Buckmaster.

Open, clear communication has been the hallmark of Craigslist since it was an email sent out by Craig Newmark to friends. There’s a lot that companies can learn from them and their success.

They live “Don’t be evil,”, without a sliding scale.

What’s on Tonight? :: The Ad Model for Consumer-Generated Videos

What’s on Tonight? :: The Ad Model for Consumer-Generated Videos

Allen Weiner is a great example of an analyst that really lives and breathes the market that he covers. It helps that he seems to really love making and sharing videos.

How great is it when you run into someone professionally that isn’t just punching a clock.

And yes, this post is about Revver, they are a client, but a really, really cool one.

Blog Run � � Death of PR Redux, Guerillas in the Midst, Citizen Journalism – Nheh

Blog Run � Blog Archive � Death of PR Redux, Guerillas in the Midst, Citizen Journalism – Nheh

Bulldog Reporter is doing a pretty good job of pulling together PR-related content from the Blogosphere. They seem to include the “All Stars” of PR blogging and have already introduced me to a few blogs that I wasn’t following.

Overall, nice job of “old media” figuring out a way to increase their relevance. Now, about that UR: they use…painful, no brand equity. If they fix that, add a little more context to links and start integrating relevant posts into their standard content they’ll be in great shape.