Be ready to step out from behind the curtain

In PR, we’re used to being behind the scenes. Most of the time we don’t see our own name in print, as it’s our job to help get our clients name there.

The blogosphere changes things a bit. In order to get your clients name out there you have to be prepared to put yours out there as well. Here’s a post on Business Week’s TechBeat blog where I posted a response that included the name of a client. I was completely transparent and said that they were a client of Edelman.

The reporter followed the link and gave me credit in a later article.

Thanks Rob!


An Example of Engaging with Your Audience

This is a few weeks old but Nip/Tuck on F/X created a blog on MySpace for “the Carver.” The Carver now has, as of today, 107,966 friends on MySpace. This is impressive. That’s over one hundred thousand people that have just engaged with the show in a way that was not available 18 months ago. These people now have Nip/Tuck on their friends, so every time someone goes to their MySpace site, they’ll see the link to “The Carver” and therefore Nip/Tuck.

Don’t you love it when evangelism is fun?

Confessions of a Brand Evangelist: Recognize Your Biggest Fans

I’m a big believer in taking care of good customers. Customer acquisition is expensive, if you get one keep them. Empower your employees to take care of them and little mistakes that may get made. You get a much bigger return than you will lose from a few employees that may take advantage of the flexibility.

Lastly, make it easy for them to tell others about you.

Building Online Buzz

Not sure of the traffic #’s yet, but Sony is building a fun online story for the intro of Shadow of the Colossus. Adrants questions if there will be a backlash to the hoax. My only concern with this type of marketing is that the content gets removed when it has run its course and all references get cleaned up with the truth.

Anyone have any perspective here? My thought is that, sure it’s fun to create a little ruckus, just make sure you clean up after yourself.

NBC teams up with iTunes | CNET

What is critical mass going to be before people refer to iTunes as a “network?” They already have better content than Bravo and LifeTime.

I’m looking forward to someone releasing a movie in the theater, on DVD and iTunes on the same day. Mark Cuban is moving this direction along Participant I believe also.

From the PR perspective who is Apple’s primary audience for TV on the iPod and how should they reach them?