Sony – A reminder why PR needs to be at the "Head Table"

First, a good round up of the timeline so far from BoingBoing .

Did anyone inside at Sony, raise a flag and say this was a bad idea during development? Remember, this is an age of increasing demand for transparency from marketers, journalists, everyone.

This is where it’s necessary to have someone whose job it is to be immersed in the media and in the public discussions related to your company. While not all companies need to participate in the blogosphere themselves, they need to be aware of it, and how it will react to certain types of actions.

I’m not saying Sir Howard needs to write a blog, but he needs his PR counsel to be at his side and let him know that he’s going to get lit up by people around the world if he tries something like this again.

Remember, nothing is local anymore, and the “lunatic fringe” now has a big audience.


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