Group urges FTC to put stop to buzz marketing | CNET

Interesting take here. I can understand the need to try and “protect” children. There are laws regarding how advertising can be targeted to minors for some types of products but should there be legislation to protect them from advertising or promotion of unregulated products?

That being said, there is a need for transparency from all legitimate marketers. We follow it at Edelman and hope others do so as well.

Last point, by taking this to the extreme, would a reporter be obligated to disclose that he was pitched a story angle by a third party?


2 thoughts on “Group urges FTC to put stop to buzz marketing | CNET

  1. Their goals are laudable, but really I think the market will sort this out on its own. Fake blogs *will* be uncovered and the brands they support *will* suffer harm from these tactics.

    I do think the PR and advertising professions should agree on some standards though for approaching the medium lest the FTC gets involved and sets the standards for us.


  2. Usher, while I applaud your faith in the market, I’m not sure f the “harm” will trickle down to enough consumers to make it stop.

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