I can’t get enough of Dubai….

and apparently the media can’t either. It seems every day there is a new article about something in Dubai.

Business 2.0 had a lovefest with the national airline (reg. required). Luxist it seems gives daily Dubai luxury porn and I think there was also recently a NY Times article.

Somebody over there is doing their job and doing it well. Does anyone know if Dubai has a single worldwide agency they work with or is someone specifically handling US PR? Are they focusing on drawing tourists or business as well? Could be an amazing case study.

Did this all start with the Star Jones honeymoon deal?


Group urges FTC to put stop to buzz marketing | CNET News.com

Interesting take here. I can understand the need to try and “protect” children. There are laws regarding how advertising can be targeted to minors for some types of products but should there be legislation to protect them from advertising or promotion of unregulated products?

That being said, there is a need for transparency from all legitimate marketers. We follow it at Edelman and hope others do so as well.

Last point, by taking this to the extreme, would a reporter be obligated to disclose that he was pitched a story angle by a third party?

Big Media for a Little Company

Here’s an exchange between Usher Lieberman and an influential reporter (names not included) from a major national daily newspaper.

This drives home an issue that small companies run into with reporters quite often. The reporters take the tone that the companies should be so excited that an exalted publication such as theirs deems them worthy of conversation that they should check their common sense at the door and jump at the opportunity.

Yes, when representing small companies we are excited about the opportunity to discuss our products with a larger audience but the reporter should respect that we can only accurately respond when we have adequate information. Like with blogs, it’s a two way street. You have to be willing to share if you want others to participate.

Starting this Out

eMac fades from the spotlight

Might as well start with something personal. I was part of the team that rolled out the eMac. This product introduction opened my eyes to incredible benefit of a good image to accompany a product roll-out. We worked with a wire photographer who took a great photo of two kids working with the eMac.

This photo ran in over 50 daily papers over the next week, turning a ho-hum product announcement into a huge success and driving home the key message that this was a prooduct designed specifically for students and schools.