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Viral video success? – It’s easy, just walk on water

Clients often say, “we want to create a viral video.”  It’s easy to create a video, it’s hard to create one that takes off.

There are several things that can help a video to take off, here are a few of them:

  • it has to be compelling (this might be oddly funny i.e. NUMA NUMA, timely i.e Paris Hilton’s response to John McCain, heart-warming like the late Randy Pausch’s last lecture, or just oddly compelling like the Daft Punk girl)
  • a story arc – albeit short – not all videos have them but it can help
  • something people can identify with
  • safe for work – most people view online video at work, don’t make them feel like they’re going to be fired for watching
  • a core audience – who is going to start the video moving? There has to be some core group that cares about the content, then it can move beyond them

Want to see a video that has them all?

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